Sub Sea Research has achieved a continued steady success rate in locating and recovering researched historic shipwrecks worldwide. With news of the devastation in Haiti Captain Greg Brooks set about using the Sea Hunter on a mission of relief for the Haiti people. For 5 straight days they worked from sun up to past sun down loading medical equipment, food, clothes, water, tents, cooking utensils, toys. She can carry 3 million pounds. Winds and bitter cold weather made things even more challenging. Leaving port her holds were full, there was a full size mobile medical unit on deck and two containers. She will pick up more containers in Boston and Miami and then head to Hait.

We, the Freeport Flag Ladies arrived the first day with boxes of goods to donate. When it was apparent that the outpouring of support was more than they expected we stayed to help unload the vehicles and then to help box and stow an endless stream of donations. Each day found us back on board happy to be of service in this incredible humanitarian venture.

As they left port early Sunday morning we were happy to be there with our flags to see them off.


Feeding boxes down into the hold.


Haiti Relief

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